Welcome to our collaborative celebration of the genteel arts & artisans.

We are a federally recognized 501(c)(3) entity with programs designed to cultivate and nurture performing and culinary artists, fine artists, handwork crafters, authors, musicians, and other creatives with an emphasis on literacy advocacy and cultural connectivity.

In addition to supporting established organizations such as museums and humanitarian charities, we will manage the following do-gooder entities, beginning 1 January 2018: 
  • The TEA TRAVELLERS SOCIETEA - a grassroots group endeavoring to keep alive the gracious art of afternoon tea
  • WRITING ON A WHIM - a writing club created to nurture fledgling wordsmiths
  • E. GADS HILL PRESS - turning those self-same writers into published authors
  • SHARED TREASURE HUNT - an interactive activity whereby young scallywags provide gently used necessities for their peers who are homeless
  • THE UNTOUCHED - care for those who have experienced domestic abuse in any of its forms
  • Scholarship programs related to all of the above

Federal TIN (tax ID #) 81-5396395