Press Release — Unusual arts nonprofit engages in offbeat do-goodery

Quirky Nonprofit Makes Philanthropy Irresistible

 A Silly Approach Makes for Serious Success 

MAY 28, 2024

Fairy Godmother Certification (mentor training), Fabled Creature & Endangered Monster Rescue (animal aid), Biblioperatives (covert library groupies supporters). These are the kinds of benevolent programs offered by Whimsicalitea, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences. The arts organization is enriching lives through innovative activities designed to nurture creativity and inspire artistic expression with an emphasis on lifelong learning and connection.

The philanthropy’s flagship program is Shared Treasure Hunt, a pirate-themed activity whereby kids follow a treasure map to put together back-to-school backpacks for their less fortunate peers. 

Founding Director Joy Johnston describes the eccentric group’s current status this way: 

“Our focus in 2024 is getting kids excited about books through our Reading Revolution program. Created for parents with children ages 4-17, the comprehensive series offers an interactive and immersive approach to reading and learning. Additionally, along with our parent company, over the last two years we have given more than $80K in discreet financial assistance to creative individuals to help them prosper in their endeavors. We look forward to doing much more.”

Since January of this year, Whimsicalitea has been hosting a thriving weekly Kids Club at a family success center in New Jersey. Online, the organization’s new Whimbassadors Play & Plunder program enables supporters to do daily deeds on behalf of the charity while earning rewards, all by means of a playful advent calendar.

To learn more or to indulge your own whimsical tendencies, visit or email

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