Press Release - A Season of Self Growth through themed podcast episodes, expert interviews, and journaling

New Anthology Combines Podcasting and Journaling

to Spark Personal Transformation in 90 Days

Daily show inspires systematic growth through one tiny task done each day


Contact: Joy Johnston .

A full season of the Omni Ocademy’s motivational 11:11 daily podcast is now available in print, hitting shelves on June 21, 2024 with both an anthology and accompanying journal-style workbook.

Building on the podcast's signature tagline “whimsical ways to make life wonderful with small actions that lead to grand rewards," A Season of Progress offers an actionable exploration of self-discovery through weekly themes and daily topics ranging from procrastination and perfectionism to community and compassion to rebirth and renewal.

Each chapter culminates in a captivating interview with an inspirational figure who embodies the weekly theme's central message. This takes the anthology beyond motivation, enabling it to function as a practical guide to personal growth. The workbook companion goes even further with prompts, reflective questions, and action steps.

A Season of Progress is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to:

  • Discover practical tools for greater peace and confidence

  • Take small steps daily that lead to long-term growth

  • Embrace a more positive and fulfilled life

  • Connect with a diverse community of uplifting individuals

  • Learn from inspiring experts and trailblazers

Mark your calendars for our launch on June 21 at 11:11 and get ready to embark on a 90-day transformative journey with the authors and thought leaders showcased in A Season of Progress.