Riddle-Dee-Tea - clue & parcel quest

Quest A - Riddle-Dee-Tea - $29 + shipping
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You may well know how a raven is like a writing desk, but have you any clues as to how a crow is like an iPad?

Find out as you solve this first of four Alice-themed quests hosted by Whimsicalitea.

After you’ve signed up, you will receive a package by post containing 4-6 tangible goodies along with instructions, all designed to help you solve the hatter’s mad riddle.

You will then take to the interwebs, using your deductions to follow our trail and find hints on our associated websites and pages.

After successfully completing this quest, you'll be welcome to participate in our remaining 3 quests that piggyback off this first one. There's even a discount for participating in additional quests.

Look for Absolutely Frabjous {May 1 - $39}, Cattitude {June 21 - $49} and Seeing Red {August 1 - $59}.