What exactly is a Parcel Quest

Welp, we've distributed our first sold-out batch of Parcel Quests -- specifically, the Alice-themed Riddle-Dee-Tea quest. Since we're asked daily what the heck a quest is, what it involves, and what you get, here's a peek at the contents as my fab friend Sharon opens hers over tea at the irresistible Paris In A Cup Tea Salon & Cafe. Sorry for the fuzzy pics -- was trying to be unobtrusive. Neither worked!

And to answer the aforementioned quest-ions, our quests involves receiving a parcel full of goodies to be used in tandem with online clues to solve a riddle.
"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the quest. I eagerly await the next parcel. Cuppa in hand of course!!!"~Joan W., Astoria, OR

JUNE 17, 2017 - Off with Their Heads RoyalTea fundraiser

Do you or a friend live near YORBA LINDA, CA
If so, join us for an Off with Their Heads RoyalTea 
June 17, 2017 

(Part of our Adventures in Whimsiland fundraising series) 

$40 includes sandwiches, scones, desserts & themey fun.
  • Heart of Scone with Mock Turtle Cream & Jubjub Jam
  • An Elegant Thimbleful (Shrimp Cocktail shot)
  • Alice’s Ambrosia
  • Pig & Pepper Potage
  • Slithy Tove Savory
  • Off Their Heads Champagne Sorbet
  • Tea sandwiches: Cheshire Grin & Cackle, Bill’s Garden Baguette, Cucumber Rose, Hookah-Smoked Turkey on Toast 
  • \Petite Sweets: Father William Wafer Cake, Stolen Tart, Chessboard Bikkies 

This is the 2nd of 4 Adventures in Whimsiland themed teas (Others include April 22, Aug 12 & Sept 23).
Save $5 if you combine with the April 22 tea. Click here for additional combination discounts:

Please send funds: 
  • Either electronically to LECOLESIRENE@GMAIL.COM via Paypal as you would to "friends or family" (lest we be charged 'product/service' fees) 
  • Or through the post, by check made out to SIREN SCHOOL 6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy #259 ~ Long Beach, CA 90803


Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferrable if you can't make it at the last minute and want to give your place to a friend