Spotlight on the Arts - Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions

Sanndi Thompson of Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions explains her art thus:

"Sanndi Art aims to help you decorate your home, studio, or office or just your own "special" sacred little space. Sanndi Art aims to create art that inspires, enchants, empowers you and gives you an uplifting feeling. Gazing upon something that you personally feel in tune with can do wonders for your body mind and spirit!"

Of course I love the whimsical nature of her work, but there is an easily accessible depth to it that keeps me coming back to it and has made Sanndi one of my favorite artists. She lives her art in all that she does, and is about the most gracious and generous spirit you could hope to meet.

In addition to all things musey, mermaidy, and bellydancy, she's recently created a series of tactile dress pieces, that are cute as prints and incredible as 3D originals. I was thrilled to receive a framed red fringey flapper dress for use at the launch of one of my 1920s Tea Cozy Mysteries novels.

Here's a smattering of her mermaid stuff.

If you're on Facebook, check out her page. It's always lovely, festive, and inspiring.