A Winter Storybook Stroll with Roxanne Gambill of Enchanted Storybook Portraits


This whimsical event invites you to come take a lovely winter’s walk through nature and capture all the season’s beautiful offerings through the lens of … your own smartphone camera! While we are walking, we will discuss simple yet effective ways to capture all the wonders of nature. With lots of pauses to photograph whatever catches your eye, we will discuss lighting, composition, angles, and the rule of 3, along with some basic editing to really make those photos pop! Afterwards, for those interested, we can get a warm beverage close to our location 

*To keep this event intimate, space is limited to 12 persons*

This event will take place 
from 3-5pm on Saturday January 21st, 2023

Location is TBD and of course all is dependent upon Mother Nature!

There is a special introductory cost of $25 for all Omnifête attendees as well as Tea Travellers